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Friday, February 5, 2010

Christian Aid's Reply to the substance of my essay

Following the publicity surrounding my Guardian piece, as well as a story in the JC (Jewish Chronicle), Christian Aid apologized in the comment section of the Guardian.

Christian Aid apologises unreservedly for the article that appeared. It was written by an outside contributor and was taken down immediately it was brought to the attention of senior staff. Christian Aid also apologises for the deep offence caused by the timing of the article ? Holocaust Memorial Day ? and the use of Holocaust images alongside the article.
The incident exposed shortcomings in the moderation procedures for the Ctrl Alt Shift website and an urgent review of these procedures is underway.
Christian Aid repudiates the suggestions made in the article about the Israeli President Shimon Peres. All sides to the conflict bear responsibility for atrocities that have taken place. Singling out one to the exclusion of others will not advance the cause of peace.
Christian Aid believes that only dialogue between all parties can achieve lasting peace and a viable solution for Israelis and Palestinians alike.
Christian Aid has always been unequivocal in its support for the security of Israel and the rights of all Israeli people to live safely and securely. While deeply regretting this particular incident, Christian Aid will continue to press for Palestinians to be afforded the same rights as Israelis.
Ctrl Alt Shift is an innovative youth project launched by Christian Aid last year to give a voice to the many British young people who, according to research we commissioned, are keen to understand and get involved in global development issues. It is a forum for debate, and that debate is often impassioned. In this case, however, the material was clearly inappropriate.
Matthew Reed, director of marketing, Christian Aid

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